Window Tinting Solutions

Comprehensive Range Of Window Tinting Solutions

Having a huge amount of experience, Tint the Window Services is one of the leading manufacturers and designers of high-performance window films and tints used in commercial, residential and automotive applications in Dubai, UAE.

Tint The Window has been serving the Dubai market for a long time. Our window tinting experts have the required experience and knowledge in providing and designing the best solutions that meet your window requirements. We have been in this business for more than three decades and they are well versed with all the required window tinting services like heat protection film, frosted and decorative film, safety film, etc. We have all the required manpower and tools for providing a great experience in delivering awesome solutions that satisfy your specific needs.

Window Tinting Solutions

World-Class Products & Services

The decade of experience we have in heat protection and safety film helps us in supplying the best window tinting materials to our customers. We partner with the best-in-class manufacturers for creating robust products. These are localized for achieving the requirements in the Dubai market. Our expertise lies in providing specialized and unique products made from high-quality materials for providing maximum reliability, longevity, utility, and durability.

Sun Protection Film

High-Quality Sun Protection Film

The best way to improve the energy efficiency of property owners is through the application of heat protection window film. Our solar window tinting services in Dubai will help in reducing the cost of air-conditioning and avoid all kinds of glare from harming the indoor environment and any kind of shattering. The advanced sun control film provided and used by us helps in reducing more than 80% of the solar heat. This will help in keeping your indoors comfortable and cool. Plus, we provide attractive decorative films for your office and homes. So, irrespective of whether you want to improve the branding of your office, bring more life to your workspace, etc; we have the required resources for that.

Providing Extreme Glare Reduction, Heat Protection & 99% UV Rejection

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Having a huge amount of experience, Tint the Window Services is one of the leading manufacturers and designers of high-performance window films and tints used in residential, automotive, and commercial applications in Dubai, UAE.


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For us, quality is above everything. Each project done by us is different from each other. Throughout UAE, our projects are master-piece.


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One word says all about us “Affordable Window Tinting Services Providers”. See why customers all over Dubai and UAE love us.

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some FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How durable is window tint?
    10 Years Warranty Provided
  • What are the benefits of window film on buildings?
    Heat Protection ,Ultra Voilet Rejection, Infrared Rejection, Anti Shatter And Safety
  • How long will the film last in my home or building?
    More Than 15 Years
  • Does window films reduce heat?
    Yes Window Film Reduces Heat ,UR And IR
  • Can window film be removed and reapplied?
    No We Can't Re Apply The Window Film, But Remove And Install New Film
  • Can I see through a frosted glass?
    No We Can't See through It