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Tint The Window has huge experience in the field of building window and sun control window tinting services in Dubai, UAE. This has helped in setting new standards in user experience and making your homes and offices energy-efficient. For each project, we establish relationships with our clients and partners who we know will help us create added value to the project. The way we undertake projects related to residential window tinting and commercial window tinting is based on permanently applying values that reinforce each other: socio-cultural value, experiential value, building-technical value, and economical value. Our product line includes sun control, safety, and security, designer type films with high quality, and cost-effective.
Window Tinting Services

Advantages Of Our Window Tinting Services

Using our professional window tinting services, you can lower the chances of your solar heat from entering your home or office. We will help in reducing the solar heat to around 85%. So, this heat reduction will lead to a reduction in energy cost, reduce operational costs of your air conditioner, etc. Most importantly, you can avoid the UV rays from harming your upholstery, furniture, and carpeting and even fading the wall paint. Also, in terms of improving the whole interior environment of your house, our window tinting services will lower the chances of hotspots and glare. This means you can easily enjoy reading books or watching TV shows without being bothered about the excessive sunlight disturbing you.

Heat Protection Film

  1. Reduces more than 80% of the solar radiation.
  2. Protect you from 99% of the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  3. Reduces your air conditioning bills to around 30%.
  4. Cuts the annoying glare to around 90%.
  5. Avoiding hot spots for ensuring even temperature.

  6. Frosted & Decorative Film

  7. Use walls, windows, and floors for advertising products.
  8. Adding a designer touch to your home and office windows.
  9. Run videos on the glass even during the daytime.
  10. Provide great architectural finishes that are similar to natural materials
  11. Develop innovative POS stands and even banners

  12. Safety & Security Window Film

  13. Secures you from the dangers of breaking glasses.
  14. Defends you from the threat of explosions.
  15. Lowers the risk of getting injuries.
  16. Holds the mirrors and glass together.
  17. Deter thieves and burglars.

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