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Architectural Window Tinting / Building Window Tinting

Protection And Comfort All In A Day's Work

Tint The Windows provides personalized services before, during, and after installing the window tint. Our company has some of the best selection of security, sun control, and decorative films. The best part is that we will educate you regarding the window film. This will help you in making an informed decision for your office or home. Window films are a special kind of window treatment that is applied to glass and window surfaces. These are created for reducing the amount of solar heat that is transmitted through the glass, thereby increasing security and safety. Our window tinting film helps to increase the solar reflectivity and rejects the solar heat and lowers the incoming ultraviolet rays.

The benefits of our building window tinting services are - - Improved energy savings
- Improved comfort
- Increases privacy
- Reduces glare
- Increases safety and security

  • Commercial Window Tinting Services
  • Residential Window Tinting Services

Our window tints are the best method for reducing energy costs. It can be installed on any commercial buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, and government buildings. We have an experienced and certified staff that would properly install the best and premium grade commercial window tint on your building. This would be done quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption. As per our experience and analysis, most of the commercial window tinting installation projects provide a quick return on investment (ROI) and that too within 1-3 years.

Having vast experience in residential window tinting services, we are the perfect choice for making your home ambiance great. Also, we have various huge selections of premium residential window films that can meet your requirements. Our residential window tinting services helps in solar heat rejection that improves your comfort and lowers the energy bills. Also, all the films we use which are 99% UV rejection that can secure your skin, furniture, wood floors, etc. We provide clear full ceramic films providing 55% heat rejection and darker films providing 87% heat rejection.

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