Frosted Window Films

Enjoy The Feel & Look Of Expensive Frosted And Etched Glass

Frosted/Decorative/Manifestation Film

Make Your Home Livable With Style-Sensitive Design

Frosted and decorative film can be implemented for various commercial and residential applications, especially where privacy is concerned. The films would create a sandblasted appearance that will enable the glass lightly to get filtered in. But it won’t allow the visibility of an individual or person just behind the glass. The translucent effect that our frosted film provides will not darken the room. Also, it will provide the required light for your indoor plants to live. Besides, our decorative window film is excellently and commonly used in entryways, bathroom, interior glass walls, office interiors, etc. Some of the major benefits of our decorative film are –
- Excellent privacy
- An etched glass effect
- Keeps out UV rays and excess light
- Lowers the glare and discomfort of the eye.
- Enhance the level of aesthetics

  • Commercial Decorative Film
  • Residential Decorative Film

Our commercial decorative film will not only transform the look of your windows, partitions, and other smooth glass surfaces, but it will even modify the way you think about designing and utilizing the space. Here an unexpected addition to both of the areas in terms of public and intimate, our decorative commercial film will bring in fresh ideas and enhance your interiors. Decorative glass films are very much popular in various commercial spaces. They will even simulate the etched glass, stained, and frosted glass right at a fraction of the cost. Plus, they are easy for cleaning and maintaining.

With a little amount of residential decorative film, your glass windows and surfaces will look in a different light. Not only that you get to improve your design, brightness, privacy, etc. Frankly, our decorative films are excellently curated for fueling imagination and they will complement any of the style visions from traditional to cutting edge. Besides, they are quite practical and provide various degrees of transparency and even privacy for assisting you in solving various comfort and design issues. No doubt, our decorative film won’t just transform your look of the window, smooth glass surfaces, and partitions, it will even modify the way you think about utilizing and designing your space.